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under-body piston hydraulic cylinder


Good choice for our hydraulic cylinder  

1.Merge together with Europe security idea

Our whole set hydraulic cylinder system with multi-protection can protect the safety of worker &truck and cargo.

2.Specialized system configuration

Specialized system configuration that greatly improve work efficiency and reduce system weight .

3.custom made is available

We can design different hydraulic system for truck,lifting platform,hydraulic door and so on




Quality Control

1. Cylinder products from purchased materials, processing, assembly, have strict quality control. (we passed the  certification of ISO/ TS 16949:2009)

 2.Automated cleaning equipment to ensure the cleanliness of fuel tank assembly.

 3.Welding using CO2 arc welding and automatic girth welding, which ensure the welding

 quality of the seal parts




Advantage of our production

1. use a new rolling technology to ensure the precision of cylinder inside hole is very high

2. the thickness of cylinder up to 16mm,it can meet the strength requirment when the truck is overloaded

3. the diameter of piston rod reachs 90mm,it will not bending under normal use

4. use 3 seal-rings to seal piston rod ,it can life-long use


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under-body piston hydraulic cylinder
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