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Multistage Garbage Truck Cylinders

 Multistage Double-acting Garbage Truck Cylinders


    1. Cylinder diameter: 180/150/120mm
    2. Stroke: 4200mm
    3. Installation: 1900mm
    4. Pressure: 25 Mpa
    5. Rated thrust: 63.5T

Quality Control: 
1. Cylinder products have to pass strict quality control from purchasing materials, processing, assembling. (We passed the certification of ISO/ TS 16949: 2009)
2. Automated cleaning equipment to ensure the cleanliness of fuel tank assembly. 
3. Welding with CO2 arc and automatically girth welding, which can ensure the welding
Quality of the seal parts
4. Full Cylinder inspection, all products need to100% pass the comprehensive test before deliver out from factory. 

3STG-F135*3130JG5Extrusion cylinder145/115/85147031302541
3STG-F160*3500JG6Extrusion cylinder160/130/110166535002550
3STG-F170*4200JG8Extrusion cylinder180/150/120190042002563.5
3STG-F185*5020JG10Extrusion cylinder195/145/100232050202574.5
3STG-F185*5310JG12Extrusion cylinder195/145/100235053102574.5

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Multistage Garbage Truck Cylinders
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